Bert Eikelenboom

Bert Eikelenboom

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Bert Eikelenboom

Since his youth, Bert Eikelenboom is very interested in World War II. In 2008, his interest grew even more when he moved to Groesbeek, near Nijmegen. His new address was Generaal Gavinstraat. But who was this General Gavin?

Bert was born in Rotterdam and therefore did not know the story, so he delved himself into the history of Groesbeek. His interest in this history made him become a guide in the 'National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 ". Bert is driven by the story of our liberators and their efforts for our freedom.

In 2013 Bert started his own private enterprise, called LiberationTour, and the first tours where a fact. He drives his guests through the hilly landscape of Groesbeek in his historical Dodge. The tour takes you along the places and battlefields where Operation Market Garden, the evavuations and Operation Veritable took place. Since 2014 Bert is also able to give tours to larger groups.



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